Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is it possible to give a ballpark figure for a concrete project over the phone/internet?

A: Every job site presents different challenges and has a unique set of factors for determining costs. These factors can be, but are not limited to, geographic location, subgrade condition, accessibility to job site, overall difficulty, materials needed, grading, etc. With all of this in consideration the most accurate way to determine the cost of a project is to allow us to visit the job site and prepare a formal estimate. All estimates are free of charge with Barbare's Concrete!

Q: Is there something wrong with my new concrete? It appears very spotty and discolored.

A: No need to worry! While the concrete is going through it's curing process it will typically appear very spotty and splotchy for the first few days and sometimes longer. This is the cementitious mixture undergoing a faster rate of hydration than the aggregate it surrounds. Typically any large color variations will fade away within 28 days, closer to when the concrete has been fully cured.

Q: When can I drive / walk on my new driveway?

A:  Relax, you won't have to stay off of your driveway for a month while it fully cures! Your new driveway can accept foot traffic the following morning after initial placement. Concrete typically reaches 75% - 85% of its structural integrity within 72 hours of placement. Therefore you are safe to drive vehicles on your new driveway after that point.

Q: Can Barbare's Concrete pour driveways in the Winter time?

A: Quite simply, Yes. In Raleigh we do not often experience conditions that are unfavorable for concrete to properly cure, such as 72 continuous hours of below freezing temperatures. During the colder months there are heat generating additives that are mixed into the concrete to expedite the set time and initial curing rate. These additives along with Raleigh's mild Winters allow for concrete work to occur all year long.

Q: How long does it take to repair / replace a driveway with Barbare's Concrete?

A: Generally all of our projects take 1 - 2 days. Occasionally, if the project is VERY large or if there are multiple tasks being completed at once, a project can take 3 or more days to complete. We are very efficient and diligent. We understand that your down time is inconvenient and we make every attempt to complete your project as quickly, and safely, as possible.